Anna Regner

PhD doctor, Speech Language Pathology

Anna Regner is a lecturer at the Postgraduate Studies of Speech Language Pathology at the Faculty of Health Sciences at the Medical University of Wroclaw.
For fifteen years she was the head of Postgraduate Early Intervention Studies at the University of Lower Silesia in Wroclaw.

She has had numerous courses and trainings in the field of sensory integration, infant massage, Castillo Morales’ oral facial therapy, cranial-sacral therapy, Emmett Techniques pain relief and others.

She has been participating in scientific conferences and international events for many years in the USA, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Norway and the United Kingdom.

She is a member of the Castillo Morales Association.


Ph. D. Anna Regner – Speech pathologist, internationally certificated therapist of oro-facial  Castillo Morales Method and instructor of baby massage and movement. Craniosacral therapist and Practitioner EMMtech Easy Muscles Management and Myofascial Pain Release
Speech pathologist for infants, children and adults with special needs. 
Co-operation with:

  • Supervisor and Lecturer, “Clinical Speech and Language Pathology”, focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of clients with oral-motor-based feeding and / or speech disorders, Myofascial Therapy, Sensory Integration Therapy, The Medical University in Wroclaw, Bartla 5, Poland 2007-present.
  • Supervisor  and Lecturer of Post-Graduate Studies - “Early Intervention and Assistance in the Development of Young Children”, Silesien Higher School of Education, Wroclaw, Wagonowa 6, Poland 2000-2016.
  • Speech Therapist, Diagnostical and Rehabilitation Centre in Wrocław, Ostrowskiego 3, Poland 2001-present.
  • Organize international trainings and workshops for speech therapists, physiotherapists, pediatrician, psychologists and parents using neurosensophysiologic methods, Poland, 2000-present, Vancouver, Kelowna, 2008, 2010;  California, Minneapolis 2009, 2010, 2011; Norway- Oslo 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014;   Singapore, Kuala Lumpur 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2017;  Indonesia 2017, 2018.  


Publications written by Anna Regner:


  1. “The Integration School through Art Therapy” 1996, ‘Nowa Szkoła’ nr 9. Details the program introduced in the Nr. 11 Aggregated Integration Schools in Wrocław. The program includes music and plastic (artistic) therapy for the rehabilitation of disabled children. The program is continued to date. 
  2. “The Educational Offer of the Integration School” 1998, ‘Nowa Szkoła’ nr 4. Details the emotional and manual development and progress of children following two years of attending an integration primary school with the Art Therapy program.
  3. “Integration not only through Art Therapy”, 1998, ‘Problemy Opiekuńczo- Wychowawcze’ nr 9. Details other methods used in assisting the psycho-kinesis and intellectual development of disabled children in integration schools.  
  4. “The Application of the Castillo Morales Method in the Oral facial Rehabilitation of Infants”, 2000, ‘Biuletyn Logopedyczny’ nr 3 in which I introduce the basis of the neuro-physiological method in correcting irregular muscle tension of the infant’s body. This method was created by the Argentinean medical doctor, Professor Castillo Morales thirty years ago.
  5. “Assisting the Development of the Small Child by Applying the Oral facial Therapy” 2000, ‘Rewlidacja’ nr 2.
  6.  “The Techniques of Body Movement through Music which Improve Fluency of Speech” 2001, ‘Muzykoterapia Polska’ nr 1. Details the choice of relevant music taken from nature’s sounds, such as: bird songs, dolphin’s voices, the sound of waves, the sound of wind in the trees, etc., and instruments whose sound is most similar to nature: the Pan flute and the harp. This music is adapted to the nervous system & emotions of the disabled child to stimulate or relax in order to carry out effective therapy. 
  7. “Early Intervention Using the Neuro-physiological Method for the Improvement of Development in the Small Child” 2003 in the yearly ‘Logopedia’  in which I present the methods and techniques used in the rehabilitation and development of psycho-kinesis in disabled children, or those threatened by disability, from birth to three years of age.
  8. “The Application of Art Therapy in the Integration School” 2003, ‘Muzykoterapia Polska’ nr 2 in which I present different forms of enhancement of manual ability in physically disabled children through plastic (artistic) techniques using various natural material like: water, clay, dough, flour, sand, stones, shells, seeds, pieces of wood and tree bark, etc.
  9. “Theoretical and Practical Basis of Or facial Therapy” 2004, a chapter in the book ‘Neuro-physiological Methods of Improvement in Children with Development Disorders’ written by L. Sadowska. 
  10. “The Influence of Manual Therapy on the Improvement of the Speech Apparatus” in the periodical ‘Dental and Medical Problems’ nr42/2004 in which I describe the effect of massage on the orofacial muscles.
  11. “Basic Oral Facial Therapy as a New Concept a chapter in Material from Conference 4-5.06. 2005 New Methods of Movement and Speech Stimulation , Warszawa- Krynica.
  12. Early Childhood Intervention and Support in Psychomotor Development using Castillo Morales Method 2006, a chapter in the book Child with developmental  disorders , Impuls, Kraków.
  13. “Early speech intervention for children with potential disabilities” 2006, a chapter in the book Early interwention and suppoting infans, Impuls, Kraków.
  14. “Diagnosing the dysfunctions of the attachment development “in Material from Conference:. The role of attachment in the development of children and young people with disabilities, PTL Wrocław, Poland.
  15. Speech development and Sensory Integration, 2009, the book written by S. Masgutowa and A. Regner, Continuo, Wroclaw, Poland. 
  16. Selected principles of oral facial therapy according to the concept of Rodolfo Castillo Morales /in:/ . Z. Śliwiński, A. Sieroń, Great Physiotherapy, UJK, Kraków 2013 .
  17. Orofacial Therapy Guide , Ergo Sum, Bytom, 2015
  18. Early intervention preventing Oral - Facial Disorders, in: Early Speech Intervention, K. Kaczorowska – Bray, S. Milewski, Harmonia Universalis Gdańsk,  2016.
  19. Selected manual technigues on orofacial area. Continuo , Wrocław, 2018

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