Dorota Regner

Clinical Speech Therapist &Nurse

Msc Dorota Regner is a PhD student at the Medical Universty of Wroclaw ( Poland). She works as a Registered General Nurse on a Neurological Ward at University Teaching Hospital in Wroclaw. Dorota Regner holds Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Speech Therapy from The Medical University of Wroclaw, Poland. She is a lecture for nurces. She has Her private practice as speech therapist.  In her work with patients she uses elements of world leading therapeutic methods, such as: Myofunctional Therapy,  Castillo Morales Method, Sensory Integration, PNF, EMM-Tech. She is responsible for providing therapeutic program for adults and children with dysphagia. Her main areas of interest are muscular tension disorders in the orofacial area and oral motor /feeding deficits. 

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